F.L and R.L.

Orlando, FL

"The decision to hire Dr. Jania to take care of our immigration case was without a doubt the best decision we could have ever made. Unlike a lot of things that we've heard from other offices, with her and her team, we were fully supported throughout the course of our process.

Dr. Jania never gave us false hopes regarding approval and deadlines, instead, she was always very realistic and honest with us, showing us the reality of the facts.

Communication with her was always very easy and direct, we just needed to send an email or request a time to talk to her and we got our answers.

Only those who are going through an immigration process know how much free and unlimited access to information and to his/her lawyer makes a difference.
We never felt helpless or forgotten by her or her team. All support was given to us and thanks to their professionalism and competence, our EB-2 NIW approval took place in just 3 months!

I highly recommend Dr. Jania with my eyes closed and I wouldn't change my lawyer for anything! If I had to do it all over again I would only do it if it was with her!

I leave here once again my thanks, affection, and admiration! Thank you, Dr. Jania, and team, without you, we wouldn't have made it this far!"


Miami, FL

“A knowledgeable and efficient law firm. My wife and I found Jania and Adriana to be amazingly friendly, helpful, efficient, fair, empathetic, and knowledgeable. They answered all questions quickly and accurately with no digressions, respecting our time and our budget. Their willingness to answer all questions promptly and efficiently by phone or email is fantastic. We needed help with necessary USA visa information, plus the other related forms F-1, H-1B, and EB-1(a). They identified all those forms and completed them for us as we sat comfortably by their beautiful office. Later in the year, responding to our many questions over several days, they sent us quick e-mails with excellent advice regarding the application for emergency travel papers – much appreciated! Thanks, Braswell and Vianna!”

D.M. & D.M.

Orlando, FL

“I highly recommend the services of Braswell & Vianna LLLP because they are professionals who really want the best for their clients! They perform their work with great commitment and dedication! Thanks for everything Jania! You are 10!”


Miami, FL

“100% recommended. They are ethical, competent and proactive.”


Livingston, MT

“I met my current wife from Brazil and after we decided to marry, we needed legal help with immigration.  Jania was recommended and we could not have made a better choice.  Having friends that have spent the last 5 years and over 25,000 dollars trying to get a green card for his wife from Canada had me scared at the prospect of doing the same.   To my surprise, Jania and her team could not have made it easier or more affordable.  They were always there when you needed and very prompt at returning calls and emails.  My wife had her green card in less than 8 months and while my friends are still waiting for their green card ours is in hand.  One of the best parts is that they made everything so clear and easy for me as a very nonlegal person that hates paperwork.  They handled it all and for a price that is unbelievable and not a penny more than they told us up front.  Thanks, Jania and crew for all your hard work and great communications.  I would give you my highest 5-star recommendation.”


Miami, FL.

“A professional with great expertise and extreme honesty who executes her work with great confidence. In times so critical as the current ones for immigration, she is the right person to help you, I am a witness to that!”


Miami, FL

“After consulting with a few immigration attorneys, I chose Braswell & Vianna office to represent my green card solicitation. I received great service. The team was very responsive and transparent for the entire process.”


Miami, FL

“Jania Braswell, there are no words to express my gratitude for all the help and support you provided me. I highly recommend Braswell & Vianna law office, a very professional and friendly service. Most importantly, they will prepare you for your interview and they will walk you through along all process.”


Curitiba, Brazil

“Excellence and competence.”


Brasília, Brazil

“Hi Jania, good evening. You are the best attorney I have ever met, in fact, you are excellent in everything that you do. I am really proud to know someone like you.”


Brasília, Brazil

“A skilled and ethical professional committed to her role as [client] advocate!”


Brasília, Brazil

“Jania is an example of resilience and competence in everything that she does. She is a proactive person who has many skills, empathy with clients, interpersonal, and especially intrapersonal abilities.” Sincerely,”


Brasília, Brazil

“Jania is bright, competent, determined, dedicated, responsible, insightful and focused, that is, she has clear and well-defined goals, she doesn’t miss the mark.”

F.B. & D.G.

Miami, FL

“Jania Braswell helped me tremendously in my immigration case via marriage. She was always very approachable and gave us important advice so we could abide by strict immigration laws and do everything correctly beforehand. She charged a fair price, which gave us peace of mind. Our case was approved, and we had no problems. Thank you Jania Braswell for helping us build our family here in the United States


Miami, FL

“My experience with attorney Jania Braswell was absolutely incredible! In addition to being an exceptional professional, she proved to be a true friend. I loved [the experience] and recommend her to everyone!”


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“As a client of this office, I am extremely pleased to testify about the professional excellence of the managing [attorneys] and the entire team. The work was done with diligence and perfection. Congratulations on all that you did.”


Aventura, FL

“Two things that I admire the most about a professional is genuine care for the client, and the lack of haste when serving. I found these rare qualities in Braswell & Vianna. In addition to the genuine care, I found many other qualities that left me immensely satisfied with their services. This is why I know I made the right decision when I chose this attorney.”


Aventura, FL

"Being a client of Braswell & Vianna was a unique experience due to the professionalism and expertise of the attorneys who handled my green card case with diligence and thoroughness. I would not consider hiring any other attorneys, especially because I received a service in Portuguese, my own language, which makes all the difference. Having the peace of mind of leaving your immigration case in the hands of paramount professionals gave me security and assertiveness. My special appreciation to Jania.”


Brasília, Brazil

“Just as the rule of law itself, you are professionals of broad and extensive experience, you are noble, extremely reliable, committed, and passionate for the job you do. Thank you for your legal representation and for your protective advocacy.”


France and Miami Beach, FL.

“I had the best experience with Jania. I got referred to her by a friend, after terrible experiences with previous attorneys. I am so glad I had to work with her, she helped me with my Green Card and Citizenship. Jania is friendly and professional. She knows what she is doing and explains everything very well. It was always a pleasure meeting with her. I referred a few friends, and they all had a great experience with her. She is definitely the best lawyer I ever got in Miami!! Thank you for all your help Jania.”


Tabuco Canyon, California

“I had a great experience. Jania made the whole thing quick and painless. She helped me with my documents in USA and Brazil. She was very personable and informative. I highly recommended Braswell & Vianna Services.”


Miami, FL

“I’ve been living in the U.S. since 1988, and I have been through many visas, from tourist to student, press, H1-B, O-1 visa and green card. Imagine how many lawyers I have met? None came even near to Jania Braswell’s and Adriana Vianna’s expertise, honesty, availability, and friendliness. I was lucky to have them by my side last year during my naturalization process. Success! Thank you Braswell & Vianna!”


North Miami, FL.

“I would like to leave a testimonial about Braswell & Vianna Law Firm. When I got married my biggest concern [the choice of attorney to] handle my case. At that moment I received incredible references about Jania Braswell and her entire team. It was the best decision I made. They did everything with such professionalism and dedication that [when we were] at the USCIS interview the Officer was impressed with the [way] the case was presented. Only those who went through this process know all the doubts and anxieties that we went through, and in all these moments Jania Braswell calmed us with her knowledge. Many thanks to the Braswell & Vianna Law Firm, especially my lawyer, Jania, who became a great friend of my family. May God bless you infinitely and now I start a new stage in America.”


Aventura, FL

“When I met you guys I was hopeless because I had believed in a person who pretended to be a lawyer and just took my money. Today I feel so blessed and grateful that you accepted me as a client. Your care and attention to my legalization process in this country impressed me. Before meeting you guys I felt directionless and today when I look at my Green Card, the only word that pops into my head is GRATITUDE.”


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“Jania, I would like to thank you for all things that you have done for us, for having comforted us through this bureaucratic process, we know that it is not easy. In the beginning, we had a hard time finding a professional that could help us in this process, it was not easy to find [someone]. Now, I would like to thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart, God was very generous placing you in our lives and I am very happy, Jania! I really close this door with a blessed key, with the key to victory, because we got it! I’m very, very, very happy, you can’t even imagine it!”