Building bridges between nations and protecting your brand.


With a decade of experience, Jania Braswell, P.A. has become a prominent figure in the areas of Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Protection in the United States.

Supported by a specialized, trained, and multidisciplinary team, we stand ready to provide unwavering and secure support, tailored to offer customized solutions to each of our valued clients.

Aiming at effective communication and the importance of understanding the cultural and legal minutiae that accompany each case, we have employees with fluency in Portuguese, Spanish and English, prepared to offer precise and agile assistance, focused on respectingand meeting the needs of our clients.  


In an increasingly connected world, immigration law is understood as the branch of international law that provides guarantees for immigrants, aiming to protect and regularize individuals in foreign countries.

A benchmark in the sector for almost a decade, our firm has been part of several success stories, assisting each client with strategic and personalized solutions, helping to solidify the dreams of those seeking to reside, study, work or undertake business in the United States legally.

We understand that immigration law is not just about laws and regulations, but also about driving trajectories and making dreams come true. That’s why we have a prepared and dedicated team, capable of ensuring that each phase of this process is based on excellence, effectiveness and reliability.

In the area of immigration, the main services offered by our office are:


Intellectual Property is the legal tool that transforms creations of the human mind, from trademarks to scientific discoveries, into priceless resources.

The safeguarding of intellectual property is ensured by specific law, materialized through the granting of patents, copyrights and the registration of trademarks, guaranteeing the holder of the creation the security and the right to the financial advantages deriving from their work.

In this area, Jania Braswell P.A. offers support to individuals and companies wishing to have their brand protected in the United States, guaranteeing them profitability and growth in the US.

In the area of intellectual property, our main services are: